Tuesday, April 26, 2011

About From Neverland to Infinity

As a dedicated fan of Disney and a lover of Fairytales, I decided it was time to make a blog about what I love most.  I will mainly blog on Disney films and their corresponding fairytales.  However, when I read an interesting book that relates to this blog or watch an interesting movie that I think fits with the topic, I will post a blog on it.  So that my rating system will be easy to follow, I will hold everything up to the same standards.  Movies will be required to have themes, great animation (hand drawn or computer animated), compelling music, believable acting, and an emotional response.  I feel that these are the key things that make a movie either a great work of art or just a form of entertainment.  Books I will judge more harshly as I am an English major.  They will be required to have themes, skilled writing techniques, interesting plots (since this will mainly be formula fiction with the plots already set in place, the plots must catch the reader by surprise or be extremely interesting), developed characters, believable settings, and since we're dealing with fantasy, the mythology must be either well-researched or well-created, in short it must be believable.  I'm not a great judge of music, but I will judge that based on what I like.  These will mainly be Disney songs and things along that line.  Also, because this blog is rating some movies and stories that are considered "for children," I will rate how child friendly everything is.  As times have changed, I will also link everything back to original meanings and how those meanings have changed for us today.  I will try to thoroughly explore all themes in the works so that I can address everyone's concerns.

Posts will be made about once a week.

I hope that everyone enjoys this blog.  I have a real passion for fairytales and anything romantic, and I would like to share that passion with the world.

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